Luckett and Associates As an award-winning full-service architecture firm, Luckett & Associates has significant experience in new construction, renovation, and adaptive reuse, as well as forensic.  The firm has designed and constructed numerous projects which must conform to state and federal requirements and has a diverse portfolio which runs the gamut – commercial, institutional, governmental, and residential.  We also practice sustainable architecture.

The touchstone of our architectural practice is a fierce dedication to quality and the conviction that function does not mean we have to forego the aesthetic.

At Luckett & Associates, service and personal attention to detail are of utmost importance.  The firm balances cutting edge design with clients’ unique program requirements and provides innovative solutions that exceed expectations – bringing projects in on time and on budget.

          Luckett and Associates Senior staff brings a wealth of diversity – both in talent, expertise, and experience – to Luckett & Associates.  Jack Raymond Taipala, an honors graduate of the University of Michigan College of Architecture and Urban Planning, also holds a master's degree in architecture from that institution.  Mr. Taipala enjoys the distinction of having led design teams for several noted Chicago architecture firms.  Architect C. Thomas Bendorf is an award-winning, nationally-recognized expert in the technical and contractual aspects of architecture.

The clients of Luckett & Associates enjoy regular personal contact with the principal, a unique benefit not readily available in larger firms.  An additional bonus is the fact that principal Dade Luckett holds degrees and licenses in engineering as well as architecture.  This dual expertise helps ensure that these two essential areas mesh without costly overlap.  A LEED-accredited professional, Mr. Luckett is a certified building inspector as well as plans and specifications inspector for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Luckett & Associates is pleased that the strength of its talent and the breadth of its experience give the firm an edge that competitors find difficult to parallel.